Maturepreneurial Podcast: Interviews with Older Entrepreneurs | Online Business Tips | Learn From Those Who Have Succeeded

MaturePreneurial: This once a week podcast from host Elaine Benoit features successful entrepreneurs who started businesses after 40, their stories of success and failure and their advice to others on how best to start a new business. Elaine interviews entrepreneurs from different levels of success because at each level, there are always lessons to be learned. Elaine is dedicated to inspire, educate and help you take the plunge to start your own entrepreneurial endeavor.
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Maturepreneurial Podcast: Interviews with Older Entrepreneurs | Online Business Tips | Learn From Those Who Have Succeeded




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Feb 15, 2017

At the young age of 18, Mickie Zada married a golf pro and during the years that followed, she and her husband became entrepreneurs. Together they owned golf courses and a marketing analysis and feasibility company that worked with municipalities and developers. She had a lot of fun then, in those early years, as she learned how to be an entrepreneur.

After 34 years of marriage, Mickie and her husband divorced. That's when her solopreneurial adventures began. She became a network marketer selling jewelry. She became a certified Life Coach. And finally (her favorite so far...!), she became a podcaster!

The mission of Mickie's podcast, The Second 53 Years, is to inspire women over 50 to move from where they are to who they are. The podcast shares both Mickie's own stories and the stories of other women who are on the Path of Discovery.

Mickie is a go-getter who wouldn't be deterred by the fact that she had never even heard of podcasting until a few months before she launched her own. She is not afraid of taking risks, she is willing to learn and she can easily adapt and try new things. This is all a part of her Second 53 Years.

Mickie believes that life is an amazing journey and we must remain open to opportunities. She wants all of us to expect magic in our lives, too!

Feb 8, 2017

Lisa Vogt is a wife, mom, and career woman who has deep experience in business and in life. A successful telecommunications executive with a son and a stay-at-home husband, Lisa eventually found her corporate work unfulfilling and the environment toxic.

At that point, Lisa and her husband took their time and some care to identify a next step for them and for Lisa’s career. They ultimately launched what quickly became a very successful business, although as Lisa puts it so eloquently on her website:

“And then the economy tanked.”

After further soul-searching and taking the time and care to look around - again - Lisa attained another successful, some might say, “glamorous”, and rewarding position with a non-profit organization that provides long-term, stable homes for orphaned, abandoned and abused children.

When she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, Lisa’s prior life and business experience had well prepared her for identifying the necessary actions she needed to take in order to move forward to wellness and greater resilience.

Today, Lisa devotes her time to helping other women take the next step in their lives through coaching, public speaking and through her weekly podcast, Ever Better. But this is just a summary. Check out Lisa’s about page to be moved and inspired by her full story and to learn how she might help you identify and navigate your next life adventure.

Feb 1, 2017

In the final two years of her service as a Writing and Business Communication instructor at the University of Maryland’s Professional Writing Department and at the university’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, Connie Inukai faced a problem most us do when we get older and our eyes stop cooperating: "Reading the small print in dimly lit restaurants". While that might not seem like much of a problem to many, those who have faced it know very well how inconvenient it can be.

Well, luckily for us, Connie didn’t just let the problem go. Instead, she set out to create a solution.

After a great deal of time, effort, and a challenging search for the right manufacturer, Connie launched her invention, the ‘Tip ‘n Split®, an inexpensive, multi-functional device that not only illuminates and magnifies restaurant checks and receipts, but calculates the tip and divides the bill among table partners!

Today, Connie has retired from her lifetime career as a university professor and pursues full time her entrepreneurial passion to take her dream product to every single restaurant patron it can benefit. With its launch in 2015, Connie and her device were featured on QVC, where she sold 800 Tip 'n Splits® in five minutes. In addition, Tip 'n Split® is used by numerous celebrities and won first place in The Final Pitch competition at the Women’s Power Conference, August 25, 2016.

Connie is a living example to those of us who wait for the right time and inspiration to birth an idea or a business and who believe there's no deadline to miss when it comes to pursuing our dreams. Her story demonstrates that our passion will lead us to our path and that, in true Maturepreneurial fashion, it is never too late to succeed!

Jan 25, 2017

Nicole Holland started her entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of eight, when she and her brother worked with their father selling his home-grown fruits and vegetables locally. She continued on this path as she grew older, maintaining her independence and autonomy pursuing different ventures, including as a mother’s helper and later as a corporate trainer. For a time, Nicole left the challenges of the entrepreneurial world in search of greater security. But after a series of unfulfilling jobs she could not enjoy, she eventually quit the 9-5 and returned to her entrepreneurial roots.

For the past 12 years, Nicole has been a master business coach and marketing strategist, known for stretching her clients slightly beyond their comfort zones to achieve business progress they hadn’t realized was even possible. Most recently, Nicole founded the Building Business Rockstars Show: a podcast of frank and unscripted interviews with successful entrepreneurs across a wide range of niches that provide new entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs with the insights and the time- and money-saving value of lessons learned from others. She then launched the associated annual online Business Building Rockstar Summit.

Nicole's newest business - just launched in December of 2016! - is, a full service agency that positions busy C-suite executives, authors, and subject matter experts as guests on podcasts appropriate for their markets, audience, and expertise. Nicole believes quality of exposure is far superior to quantity, and leverages the ease, convenience, and economy of podcasts to increase her clients’ visibility, influence, and income.

In recognition of the value she is creating, Huffington Post has named Nicole one of "50 MUST-FOLLOW WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS IN 2017”. And her podcast, Business Building Rockstars Show - just launched last spring - quickly made iTunes’s esteemed list of New & Noteworthy Podcasts.

Jan 18, 2017

Joel Boggess is the go-to guy for clarity, confidence and direction. He’s the guy people call when they’re feeling stuck, under-challenged or overwhelmed. He teaches people how to find productivity, meaning, and success using multiple platforms, including public speaking, podcasting, and publishing. His latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon in the success and the self esteem categories.

Among his recent accomplishments, Joe’s podcast, ReLaunch, was named by Podcasters’ Paradise as “Best Overall” podcast of 2014 and “Most Inspirational” podcast for 2014 and 2015. The Relaunch podcast has surpassed over one million listens.

Joel is a contributor to Networking Times, Huffington Post, and

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Joel earned his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University, an MBA from Amberton University, and a Master’s in Counseling. Today, Joel and his wife Pei live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with their two dogs: Bubba, a Golden Retriever retired therapy dog, and Happy, and a Golden rescue.

Jan 11, 2017

Dinesh is a founder, mentor, speaker and—above all else—an entrepreneur. He encourages founders to ask the right questions, navigate challenging decisions, and find those tough answers that are sometimes difficult to face. Dinesh has built, bought, sold, led, and/or invested in over 13 companies, and he knows what it takes to transform a business.

In love with capitalism, Dinesh loves the prospect of making business connections even more. Some of Dinesh's most valuable business relationships have started over a casual chat at a local shop. In fact, he believes every meeting is an opportunity—and a single cup of coffee can have the power to change your business. He likes to say he believes in transformative coffee!

As an entrepreneur and operator of Macadamian, Dinesh leads business development at one of the hottest product consultancies in Canada. As a speaker and mentor, Dinesh provides actionable insight to fellow leaders growing their businesses, shedding light on the nuances of product creation, organizational leadership, sales management, product marketing, contract negotiations, public relations, and more.

One of the big lessons Dinesh learned in his early days as an entrepreneur is: The money you earn is a measure of the value you create for customers, not an outcome. An MBA later, and a PhD from the school of “hard knocks,” today he is proud to say he has created a ton of value with some awesome people.

Jan 4, 2017

Henry Lopez has over 34 years of diverse business experience, including successful careers in the information technology industry, sales, sales training and business ownership. He has now been part of 10 different business ventures. He is currently the Managing Partner of Levante Business Group – dedicated to helping people start, run and grow a small business.

Levante Business Group produces The How of Business podcast, and Henry is the co-host of this show. He is also currently co-owner of iTopIt (a self-serve frozen yogurt restaurant in Colorado Springs), L3 Destinations (a Travel Agency co-founded with his wife), and is currently in the process of building a car wash with his business partner in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Henry currently resides in a suburb of Dallas, Texas with his wife Pam and their daughter (who just started her freshman year of university).

Dec 28, 2016

Jason Treu is a business and executive coach and sales leadership trainer. He is also the author of Social Wealth [link] and a leading expert on human behavior, social influence, and relationship building.

At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and relationships are our true “wealth.” Everything we accomplish in life is with or through other people.

Jason graduated with law degree and a Masters in Communications from Syracuse University. He spent seven years in Silicon Valley working with transformational leaders such as Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Mark Hurd and others at companies such as Apple, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Pixar, Yahoo! and many others.

He has helped his clients meet top influencers, such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Peter Diamandis, Chris Anderson and others. Jason's book has been a #1 best seller; has ranked #1 in four business categories on Amazon; and sold over 45,000 copies. In the past year, Jason has been a guest expert on more than 400 podcasts, radio, and TV shows.

He has studied with and learned hands-on from some of the world's greatest experts, such as Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp, and Brene Brown, and at leading institutions such as Harvard, University of California Berkeley and Ken Blanchard Companies. Over the past three years, Jason has helped his clients generate over a billion dollars in wealth.

Jason lives in Dallas, Texas with a curious and energetic 15 year-old Jack Russell Terrier. He is active with charity events and cultural organizations (think, Dallas Museum of Art) and he is a huge sports fan (think, Cowboys and Mavericks). Jason also loves champagne and barbecue. Separately.

Dec 21, 2016

Michaela Jedinak is a personal stylist, designer and fashion entrepreneur, who launched her own fashion label in 2013. With her focus on the individual woman, Michaela brings a rare human touch and sensibility to modern fashion options.

Michaela’s ethos and taste is grounded in a unique range of experiences from the fashion, media and design industries in London, New York, Milan and Prague.

She was Managing Director of Cosmopolitan in Prague where she deepened her passion for colour and style. While working for a design agency in Milan she developed a love for Italian women's style. Italian women naturally know how to effortlessly look their best and create their own signature looks. While working for Grey Interactive she recognized the potential for online media to empower women and dramatically improve their clothes shopping experience.

As a result of her experiences, Michaela is passionate about finding the perfect fit and style for a woman's individual shape. She wants to empower women to wear a dress that makes them look and feel good; that brings a smile to their face every time they wear it. She believes that every woman is different and should build on her own unique DNA rather than try to be a bad copy of someone else! Dressing with style needs strategy and an understanding of one’s coloring and body shape.

Among Michaela’s accomplishments: In 2005, she founded one of the leading colour and style consultancies, Joy of Colour. In 2009, she launched Joy of Clothes to share her personal styling experience with a wider audience. It is now one of the leading personal style websites with a loyal worldwide following. In 2012, Michaela published her first ebook, STYLE ME, Your Personal Stylist. In 2013, she launched her first dress collection.

Michaela is a dog owner, great animal lover and supporter of animal causes including the preservation of our remaining wild life. She tries to increase awareness of the fact that there is no need for fur in fashion while helping with education to stop the poaching, killing and cruelty of animals for fashion.

Dec 14, 2016

Alf Herigstad is a lifelong entrepreneur in four different industries: construction, fitness, transportation, and real estate.

He grew up on a small farm in Washington State, where he still lives on a small farm of his own. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army, a former boxer, a farmer, a reality TV personality in Norway, a father of three and grandfather of nine.

All of his life experience has culminated into a driving passion to now share the things he has learned with the rest of the world, particularly with other men.

Today, Alf is host of the Being A Better Man podcast. His message to men everywhere is to be a better man today than you were yesterday…, and then to keep doing that every day until you die.

Dec 7, 2016

Darieth Chisolm is an Emmy Award-winning television personality, former NBC News Anchor, entrepreneur, author, speaker and life and business coach. A visibility and media strategist with more than 25 years of experience in television and online media and entrepreneurship, she is the go-to expert for existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to gain clarity and visibility and create strategic action plans that get results.

In addition to her media experience, Darieth is a nationally known, seasoned speaker and author with expertise in personal development, success strategies, and building a professional brand. In her book, HUSTLE: Why Now is the Time to Unleash your Passions Darieth features a strong collection of powerful and motivating stories to help her readers unlock and unleash their passions and learn how to hustle in business while loving life in the process.

Darieth has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Trailblazers in Communications by Walker’s Legacy and was also nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year with Style Week in Pittsburgh. Her highly acclaimed YouTube channel and online video podcast series, Hustle & Heart TV, was a Top 10 Finalist for the 2015 Podcast Awards for Best Video Podcast, and was ranked #1 on iTunes for more than two months with subscribers and viewers that expand multiple countries. Most recently she was a recipient of the 2016 Shero Award from SheSpeaks Global.

As a certified life and business coach, Darieth works with corporate professionals, coaches, experts, authors, speakers, business owners and visionaries to develop, secure, and execute an online media platform and enterprise that builds brand, influence and income. She serves as a trusted guide specifically in the areas of goal setting; entrepreneurship; money mindset; and leadership, team and relationship building to ultimately help her clients get the results they desire in business and in life.

Prior to launching her life and business coaching enterprise, Darieth spent three and a half years as the owner of Fullbody Fitness Club, an aerial arts studio in Pittsburgh where she secured an exclusive partnership with Reebok and Cirque du Soleil. Darieth also became a very successful network marketer, becoming the 54th highest paid distributor with It Works Global, a network marketing company with more than 70,000 representatives.

Darieth now travels extensively and lives abroad at the beach and in the mountains. You’ll also find her in the football stands at Vanderbilt University cheering on her son Tre.

Nov 30, 2016

Christy Haussler is the CEO of Team Podcast, a podcast outsourcing business she founded to provide the production, strategy, marketing and promotional support services she couldn't find for her own podcast: Brick and Mortar Reporter. Christy went from corporate cast-off to passionate entrepreneur in a relatively short time and today her list of clients includes more than 50 podcasts.

Although she took her college degree in education, Christy quickly decided that the business world was more interesting and more lucrative. Eventually, she became a corporate manager within a Fortune 500 company, specializing in customer relations. But when the company downsized and Christy had to take a position with a small, family-owned business many miles from home, her long daily commute led her to the joyous discovery of podcasts.

It was only a matter of time until Christy started her own podcast and one for social good: Brick and Mortar Reporter showcased local businesses, at first in Christy's home town but eventually on a national scale, in an effort to help those businesses strengthen their local foundations and broaden their reach during the tough economic times of the 2008 recession.

Christy's path wasn't straight or easy. She faced the dual challenges of introversion and the imposter syndrome. It was her experience with Team Podcast that ultimately led her to overcome these obstacles and turn her attention to helping others.

Today, Christy and her company's podcast services support other entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of financial security through independence and self-actualization. Her powerful combination of native financial sense, business acumen, and practical wisdom ground the dreams and goals of many small business owners, whom she coaches, guides and assists in promoting, marketing and leveraging their podcasts for improved business outcomes.

Nov 23, 2016

Bruce Langford is a mentor and coach who helps his clients focus on achieving their goals and attaining their desires through mindfulness practices. In 2003, Bruce was working with students to overcome the trauma and stress of bullying.

His success in helping hundreds of students recover their confidence and happiness taught him that the quality of an individual's mindset has more influence over his circumstances than most people realize.

Inspired by his work with students, Bruce started coaching entrepreneurs who were seeking tools and skills to empower them in their personal and business lives, when what they really lacked was the right mindset. For the past five years, Bruce has been helping people become calm, focused, and happy through mindfulness.

Bruce hosts the podcast, Mindfulness Mode.

Nov 16, 2016

Chuck Gumbert, The Turnaround Specialist™, has utilized a wealth of life and business experience, as well as a knack for overcoming challenges, to guide numerous clients to success. One of Chuck’s first major challenges—overcoming the debilitating effects of polio at age 2—did not stop him from eventually participating in high school athletics and later becoming a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy, graduating at the top of his class. His drive for accomplishment, led to him climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and becoming a nationally recognized business leader, entrepreneur, speaker and mentor.

Chuck has applied his core principles and proven business Success Model in the business world, advising corporate leaders and their teams how to achieve predictable and consistent success. A true leader in an ever-changing America, Chuck is known for his high integrity, pristine character, drive and ability to "get the job done" - no matter what the circumstances. He has the unique ability to quickly diagnosis complicated problems and breakdowns within an organization, rally the troops to get everyone on board working towards a common goal and launch a solid success strategy for improved and accelerated performance.

Nov 9, 2016

Kevin Craine is the owner and executive director or Craine Communications Group. He has been the written voice for some of North America’s leading companies, creating strategic content for the web, marketing, social media, and more.

Kevin’s client list includes many well-known brands like IBM, Kodak and Intel, along with a long list of individuals and start-ups from a wide variety of industries. His book, Designing a Document Strategy, has sold in over 30 countries. He was the founding editor of Document magazine and is an internationally recognized expert on document strategy design. He holds an MBA in the Management of Science and Technology as well as a BA in Communications and Marketing.

Kevin is also the host and producer for the podcast, Everyday-MBA. He interviews best-selling business authors, innovative thought leaders, and top-shelf executives to bring you success techniques, tips and tricks that they don’t teach you in business school. Whether you are an experienced professional or you’re just starting out, Everyday MBA will help you take your business and your career to the next level.

Nov 2, 2016

Philip Houser is one of three brothers who owned and operated a brick and mortar family business. He was very successful as a Buick automobile dealer, with a solid reputation for fair dealing and outstanding customer service. The business ran for 32 years. When his brothers were ready to retire, Phil was the minority shareholder and, at the age of 56, forced to sell. After taking a year off to discover what he wanted to do next, Phil decided to try his hand at selling real estate.

Phil obtained his real estate sales license in 2007, worked hard, and within a few years joined the multi million dollar sales club! Phil's son, Peter, also decided to go into real estate where the two combined their skills and resources to form their own company and, eventually, with Tony Nelson, Houser Nelson Realty. Today, they are proud landlords with 110 units and counting. Most recently, Phil's other son, David, joined the business as well.

Continuing to be known for great customer service and client care, Phil has been instrumental in helping many tenants and buyers locate the right properties to rent or to purchase. He has assembled a great team that assists clients with all of their real estate needs, including legal, financial, construction and inspections. He is proud to say that, thanks to his work, many first time buyers are now living in their own homes.

Oct 26, 2016

Tony Woodall is the host and producer of the Goal Getting Podcast. He is also an award winning motivational speaker, a Huffington Post contributor, a mentor, and a coach.

Although he never went to college, as both a child and an adult, Tony excelled in school, course work and training. He always ranked highly with exams, frequently achieving 2nd place.

He was highly motivated and set ambitious goals for himself from a young age. Tony followed many motivational speakers, purchased their programs and practiced their teachings. He spent time and money attending seminars. He followed all the rules and dreamed big. But in spite of all his efforts, Tony failed to achieve his dreams.

It wasn’t until he took hypnosis classes and began to study and understand how the mind works, that Tony discovered it was his own limiting beliefs, passed down through programming like, “You’re not college material,” and “You can’t afford to go to college,” and “You can’t be number one” that were keeping him from achieving his goals.

That was the beginning of a turnaround that led Tony to where he is today and motivated him to want to help others in their journeys toward achieving their goals.

In his own words, “I improved my career and my income using the proven, systematic techniques I now teach in my Goal Achievement Success System. I want to teach others how to set goals effectively and to remove negative, limiting beliefs and replace them with positive, success-oriented, goal achieving beliefs.”

Oct 19, 2016

Dr. Bob Nolley is a leader and educator committed to the success of businesses and individuals through coaching.

Bob's strategy is to help executives, managers, team leaders, employees, and individuals create an environment that allows them to set aside their pressing daily tasks and give thoughtful consideration and reflection to their experiences and challenges. In doing so, they increase their chances of making better choices and creating alternative actions that lead to successful outcomes.

As a coach, Bob leverages his decades of experience as a leader in diverse industries, including financial services, information technology, and higher education, as well as his own scholarly research in leadership and organizational behavior.

At the core of his approach is helping others find a way to achieve their professional and personal goals. Bob's areas of specialization include leadership development, business consulting, emotional intelligence, and negotiation and conflict management. He offers his services through executive, personal, and online channels.

Oct 12, 2016

Not-your-average-wellness-guru, Allan Misner’s journey to health and fitness has been more like the journey the rest of us have taken; an everyman journey. Athletic in his 20s and fit through his early 30s, by 37 Alan was obese, with over 40% body fat. That sparked his desire to regain the fitness of his youth.

But it was a rocky road of fluctuating weight and unsustainable results that left him dissatisfied. The tide turned when Alan decided to invest in his health the way he invested in his retirement. He became an NASM-certified personal trainer, eventually adding the fitness nutrition specialty and the corrective exercise specialty to his credentials.

His education is an ongoing adventure, comprised of reading, listening, and learning. Alan also invests in multiple gym memberships and buys high quality food because, he says, “Your body is constantly working to rebuild itself and make it ready for the next challenge. I believe if you workout and provide good food to your body, it will get better. So far, my investment is showing a great return. Considering the cost of being ill in old age, the biggest payoff is yet to come.”

Alan founded the 40+ Fitness podcast to educate, encourage and entertain his clients and followers. By talking to experts and sorting through the science of fitness, Alan provides the knowledge to be successful in your health and fitness journey and the encouragement to stay your course, as he continues to do himself!

Oct 5, 2016

Jon Butt is not an easy business person to categorize! Without question, he’s a successful serial entrepreneur, first and foremost. But he’s also a marketing guru, an educator, and a podcaster.

Jon started his first business from scratch the old-fashioned way: by cold-calling door-to-door selling fire extinguishers. Ultimately, he sold that business to global fire protection giant, Kidde plc, for seven figures! Numerous other businesses followed, when Jon moved into internet marketing and cut his teeth selling products as diverse as treadmills, colored contact lenses and PDAs. (Remember those?)

Jon’s next move was to build another fire safety company from scratch using ecommerce but, this time, with no sales staff. Using his simple, proprietary online marketing system Jon has managed to generate around $20 million in sales so far and his company is the UK's largest online fire safety provider. To further prove the system can work for any business, Jon began a nationwide fire extinguisher maintenance division that generated over $100,000 in its first year; all while he spent every other month in Vancouver, Canada, and no longer had a desk or office in his own company.

Jon's aim is to remove the stress of increasing sales income from the daily grind of business. To this end, he teaches everything an owner needs to know to generate sales and leads on autopilot at and on his daily Marketing For Owners Podcast.

Sep 28, 2016

Nicky Roche has a mind-bogglingly diverse background!

  • She holds degrees in chemistry, genetics and microbiology with an honours in industrial micro-biology and immunology.
  • She has held senior management positions in three multinational companies.
  • She has consulted to Coca Cola, Honda and numerous other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in South Africa.
  • She has started and run businesses from a marketing consulting company in South Africa to a charter travel business in the Caribbean to a property management business in Australia.

Are you exhausted yet?

Nicky's latest venture is built upon a personal passion to "make a difference" on a global scale.  Through her Small Business Drivers website and podcast program, Nicky is supporting owner operators and entrepreneurs all over the world with specialized knowledge usually reserved for a few in big business.  Her aim is to develop a global community of like minded individuals who can grow not only their own businesses and lives, but have a positive impact on the businesses and lives of the people around them.

Sep 21, 2016

Confetti Design is Johannah’s digital agency based in Bayside Melbourne, Australia. Confetti specialises in designing affordable and beautiful brands and websites that increase sales within the female target market. Many businesses don't realise that their marketing is not attracting the female decision makers! Confetti Design’s unique process highlights the gaps online communications and offers practical recommendations that deliver greater sales success.

Sep 13, 2016

This episode an introduction to the MaturePreneurial podcast host, Elaine Benoit.  In it she discusses what the podcast is about, what to expect when you listen to the MaturePreneurial podcast and reveals a little of her background.

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