Maturepreneurial Podcast: Interviews with Older Entrepreneurs | Online Business Tips | Learn From Those Who Have Succeeded

MaturePreneurial: This once a week podcast from host Elaine Benoit features successful entrepreneurs who started businesses after 40, their stories of success and failure and their advice to others on how best to start a new business. Elaine interviews entrepreneurs from different levels of success because at each level, there are always lessons to be learned. Elaine is dedicated to inspire, educate and help you take the plunge to start your own entrepreneurial endeavor.
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Maturepreneurial Podcast: Interviews with Older Entrepreneurs | Online Business Tips | Learn From Those Who Have Succeeded




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Jul 18, 2018

Jonathan Bates has spent the last 21 years mastering entrepreneurship and systematizing processes. He has served military heroes and continues to serve by bringing his expertise to the backbone of America; his hometown heroes, the small business owner. Jonathan is an expert at diffusing business bombs; bringing owners new levels of success and more importantly, profitability. Nothing is more satisfying than providing the tools, motivation, and accountability that afford business owners the opportunity for clarity, sleep, health, a happy family, all adding up to living a life of significance.

Jonathan is married to his best friend and has four awesome kids. Three days after he was married, he deployed for 13 months. For the rest of his Navy career, he traveled for no less than 180 days per year and averaged over 280 days a year away from his family. Putting his work first afforded him a great military career and experience all over the world, but limited his family time. Sleepless nights, multiple surgeries, concern for his growing family, and arguments with his wife are why he empathizes with the overworked small business owner. Now that Jonathan is back in the states and able to spend time with his family, he has focused his efforts on helping small business owners grow both in business and, more importantly, with their families.

As an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer (Bomb Squad) for the United States Navy, he worked his way through the ranks. First, he learned to utilize systems and execute processes as a junior enlisted sailor. He quickly rose through the ranks and mastered the identification of needs and creation of new ways to handle unique situations that demanded reliable outcomes. After 17 years of successful program development and deployments to remote and less-than-desirable locations, he was eventually commissioned as a Naval Limited Duty Officer. His technical expertise, leadership skills, and ability to get the job done right made him an excellent candidate for this leadership position.

The Navy Bomb Squad is the entrepreneurial segment of the military. Jonathan was able to sell his systems and processes to anyone, in any situation, and deliver the desired outcome every time. The secret is the ability to provide choices. To complete any mission, decision makers need the critical ability to produce reliable results. Whether the mission is to disarm an Improvised Explosive Devise (IED), onboard a client for a law firm, bake a cake for a restaurant, recover a lost body underwater, or make the next sale for your company, the results need to be repeatable by anyone on the team.

Jonathan teaches that when a business is systematized, the business owner has choices that include the following:

  1. Expand the current business – take advantage of created efficiencies to produce/sell more
  2. Franchise – sell the right to use your systems and processes
  3. Sell – when the owner is not the business, the repeatable results are valuable
  4. Buy bolt-on businesses – exponentially increase the value of a business with established systems to consolidate the businesses, take advantage of new efficiencies, and create a larger customer base, increasing profit immediately
  5. Pass the business to their family

Who doesn’t like choices?

Let’s systematize!

Jul 11, 2018

Matt Miller spent the first nine years of his career as an Air Force pilot before entering the private sector to work in both the medical device and advertising industries. Although he was a top performer in the corporate world, his long-term desire was to be his own boss.  A good friend one day mentioned the gumball machines he and his young daughters owned and that conversation began a 10-year business quest that has brought Matt's company, School Spirit Vending, to the cutting edge of both the vending and school fundraising industries.

Today, School Spirit Vending’s franchising program provides a proven and profitable business system for busy professionals and their families looking to develop secondary income streams, while raising millions of dollars for education at the same time.

In addition to running School Spirit Vending, Matt is devoted to sharing his expertise with others. Through many different venues, including podcasts and public speaking, Matt seeks to enable other entrepreneurs to chase their dreams as well.

Jul 4, 2018

Anna literally wrote the book on change. She is the author of Igniting Change: From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Her life has been a series of fascinating leaps off the proverbial cliff.

Anna grew up in the Midwest, left college and moved to California to work in the entertainment industry. Several years later, she left her job at The Walt Disney Company - where she coordinated a year-long, international promotion celebrating Mickey Mouse’s birthday - to go in search of meaning.

What Anna thought would be a three-month adventure, turned into 11 years of living in-residence studying and eventually teaching consciousness. Anna has combined all or her experience to create a 90-day group coaching program called The Shift System that provides structure, guidance, shortcuts and support for transformational change.

Jun 27, 2018

Michele Williams began her entrepreneurial journey in sixth grade, hawking fireballs in the back of the school bus. Over the last 20 years that journey has included a bed and breakfast in Charleston, SC and a high-tech executive recruitment firm.

Although wildly different, each of Michele's ventures and ‘big ideas’ has been unified by a single passion: to facilitate meaningful transformations through innovation, curiosity, connections, encouragement and mindset….. not to mention a truckload of grit and humor!

Today, Michele continues as a strategic growth consultant to small-midsize organizations and professionals under her boutique, executive recruiting firm, Ellington Growth Partners; she co-launched a local networking community for female entrepreneurs; and she is the founder of the BVU Mastermind for women.

Michele has guided hundreds of women, professionals and small organizations through meaningful transformations to become the best versions of themselves for those they employ, serve and love. You can reach Michele at Mojowilliams16@gmail.comor

Jun 20, 2018

In her corporate career, Judi Schindler was a marketing executive. She is a founding member and past president of the Chicago Area Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. She is a member of the Leadership Team of Engaging Speakers and the Advisory Board of the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. She’s listed in “Who’s Who in America,” “Who’s Who in American Women” and “Who’s Who in the Midwest.”

Her book Husbands: An Owner’s Manualoffers witty, candid advice for women who want to stay married for the rest of their lives. Judi claims, "The secret to my marriage is that in all these years my husband and I have never had a single meaningful conversation."

Judi is also an actor, who has been entertaining women's groups with her multi-media show on marriage for the past five years. She wrote her book in direct response to the many requests she's had over the years for a printed version of the program.

"While the book is meant to be entertaining," says Schindler, "I hope readers also learn some useful strategies on how to stay married for life. Slammed doors aside, there's enormous gratification that comes with creating a family and growing old with the same person."

The book is suitable for new brides, husband-seekers of any age and anyone who understands that a sense of humor is essential to a long-term marriage.

Judi Schindler Fun Facts

  • She became a skier at 50, an actor at 64 and an author at 75.
  • She has one child, a son, who has produced six children of his own, which, she says, is "a pretty good return on investment."
  • Her parents, both entrepreneurs, sold their businesses in the 60s, bought a Volkswagen camper and went on the road with no destination in mind.
  • She used to create hand-sewn quilts.
  • She majored in journalism because she wanted to be a police reporter, "like my two role models, Brenda Starr and Lois Lane."
  • She can do a two-minute plank.
  • She was in the same high school class as Ann-Margaret.
  • She has been a member of Weight Watchers since 2001 and still goes to weekly meetings.
  • She collects birdhouses.
  • She survived a heart attack at 39, breast cancer, bladder cancer and two bouts of lung cancer. (Not fun, but worth noting.)
Jun 13, 2018

Nadine Artemis’s official biography begins when she first combined flasks of essential oils to recreate Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps for a school science fair. These early botanical-inclinations led her on petal-pathed adventures in creating organic beauty balms, reviving elixirs, healing oral care and perfumed poetry to quench the natural yearnings of many.

Nadine opened North America’s first full concept Aromatherapy store, Osmosis, in 1994. Since that day she has received glowing reviews for her formulations in the Hollywood Reporter, Flare, the New York Times, Vogueand The National Post.

Nadine has addressed gatherings at conferences, appeared on television and radio shows, and she is a frequent commentator on health and beauty topics for national media outlets.

In addition to her innovative product work, Nadine is the author of two books: Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance andHolistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums. Her healing creations, along with her concept of “renegade beauty,”encourage effortlessness and inspire people to rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness.

Celebrity fans include Shailene Woodley, Carrie-Anne Moss and Mandy Moore. Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher, calls Nadine “a pure flower of creativity.” Alanis Morissette describes her as “a true sense-visionary."

Jun 6, 2018

On January 15, 2009, Dave Sanderson was the last passenger off the plane that crashed into the Hudson River, best known as “The Miracle on the Hudson”.  Dave was largely responsible for the well-being and safety of others that fateful day, risking his own life in frigid water to help other passengers off the plane. Dave emerged from the wreckage determined to encourage others to do the right thing.

Dave's mission is to impact people’s lives by sharing and teaching the strategies he learned and implemented on how to grow from traumatic life experiences that everyone will face one day and that he calls “life’s personal plane crashes”.  Dave shares 12 resources as a faculty member with Dominique Wilkins, Don Barden, Brittany Tucker and Steve Nedvidek at the Leadership Mindset Series, the first and only servant leadership coaching program designed to help business leaders around the world to build a happier, more-productive business with a better bottom line.

In addition to speaking and training, Dave conducts workshops; is a much sought-after podcast celebrity; is the author of the best-selling book, “Moments Matter”; hosts his own radio show on Contact Talk Radio and C-Suite Radio called “Moments Matter with Dave Sanderson”; and hosts a daily flash briefing on Amazon Alexa titled, “Dave Sanderson: DECLASSIFIED.”

Dave, his wife Terri, and their four children reside in Charlotte, NC.

May 30, 2018

Mark LaMaster's mission is to offer encouragement and inspiration for men to become the fathers they’ve always dreamed of being. He believes that all dads have an incredible, God-given opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on their children, their families, and their earthly homes.

A former nurse, Mark has authored two books:

  • Friday Night Lights: For Fathers and Sons, published in December 2015, is a game plan for dads to help develop their sons into the men God intended them to be.
  • Friday Night Lights: For Fathers and Daughters, published in May 2018, is a guide to producing ten episodes of your own personal TV series, covering topics from faith and friendships to social media and self-image.

Mark wants to make sure each and every dad out there has access to positive, encouraging, and faith-filled resources about how to be the best parent they can be. He seeks to build a sense of community among like-minded fathers who want to learn from, strengthen, and support one another in a space free of judgment or criticism. Mark creates faith-filled fatherhood resources because the Bible has instructed us (dads) to help one another along on our earthly journey while we look with hope to our ultimate destination: heaven.

Mark lives in Minnesota with his beautiful bride, Jen, and two amazing children, Hannah and Lincoln.

May 23, 2018

After a very successful, twenty-five plus year career in the manufacturing and service industries, Gregory Gray left the corporate world to pursue his purpose: to develop incredible leaders and dynamic corporate cultures as a leadership and business consultant. He has since rounded out his purpose with the true joy of helping others cast their vision for their life and business and then helping them create plans to fulfill that vision. Gregory is passionate about bringing his clients clarity and focus.

Gregory's business is built around helping people find their purpose and joy in life and in their businesses. Whether they desire freedom of time and money or whether an exit strategy is the best option, he and his team can assist. They offer life and business coaching, along with courses, programs and workshops specifically designed to effect positive transformation so clients can realize their desired vision.

Gregory is the author of the upcoming book, Business Owner Freedom, which will be released late August or early September.

Gregory is the father of two daughters, ages 16 and 14, and has been married for 21 years to his best friend Kim. They live south of Nashville on a farm where they raise grass-fed beef, lamb and goats. The Grays love their lifestyle and are living their vision daily.

May 16, 2018

Scott Beebe is the founder of My Business On Purpose, a business coaching, training, and strategy group that helps small business owners and organizational leaders transition from working IN their businesses to working ON their businesses. Scott is also the host of the Business On Purpose podcast; a weekly podcast where Scott interviews small business owners who share insights into how they are living their business on purpose.

Scott was born in Washington DC and lived in Charlotte NC, Houston TX, Portland OR, and Greenville SC before graduating from the University of South Carolina in 1997. After college, he moved to Texas with his new bride Ashley, where he attended and graduated Southwestern Theological Seminary, then worked as a legal drug-salesman for Pfizer selling Lipitor, Viagra, and other well-known products.

Among his many roles, Scott has served as Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Euless TX; he founded and served as lead pastor for LifePointe Church in Burleson TX; and he was international administrator for HELP, Inc., where he worked with multi-cultural teams both in the U.S. and Nigeria to build a platform for sustainable partnership with Nigerians through a variety of sectors, including business, finance, and agriculture.

Over the years, Scott's numerous roles have provided him with experience in direct and B2B sales, designing and implementing organizational strategy, training and development, marketing, fundraising, teaching and speaking. The diversity of his roles and locations have shaped his unique view of businesses, churches, and cultures around the world.

From this unique perspective, Scott created the Four Steps To Business Freedom; a six-month, group coaching experience built exclusively for businesses under $25mm and under 25 employees. The program:

  • Helps owners and organizational leaders develop and implement a vision, a mission, and a set of values;
  • Helps them build systems and processes to liberate them from the chaos of working IN the business;
  • Leads weekly, virtual mastermind groups to uncover and implement the things they cannot see.

Scott loves to read and learn. He and his wife Ashley travel whenever possible and make enjoying time with their three children a priority. Scott and his family live in Bluffton, SC (near Hilton Head), where they spend most of their time on the water!

May 9, 2018

Sarah Shaw is a fashion entrepreneur, product designer and business coach. Her specialty is helping clients get products into the hands of celebrities to get more sales and media exposure. Sarah works 1:1 with clients to achieve their goals. She also offers a plethora of DIY programs that teach you pretty much everything she knows.

With 20 years of experience and six companies under her belt, Sarah has amassed a treasure trove of secrets for launching product lines, putting products into stores and boutiques, and generating massive publicity in order to grow new companies quickly.

Sarah’s products have been in over 1,200 stores and boutiques across the country, including Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Barney’s, Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue and Bloomingdales.

Sarah has appeared in the pages of almost every major fashion and lifestyle magazine, including InStyle, People, US Weekly, Lucky, ELLE, WWD, Marie Claire and the O-List. She’s been on TV shows like Access Hollywood, Extra and the E! network and she’s been interviewed for, and American Express’s OPEN Forum.

In her spare time, Sarah hangs out with her 10 year-old twin girls… and hopes they’ll inspire her next great idea.

May 2, 2018

Sonia Lovett was born in August of 1952 in Cape Town South Africa. She is from British and Italian descent and soon after she was born, her family moved to Argentina. Her grandfather had several ranches and had moved from Britain to help run a family business.

Sonia grew up in Buenos Aires, a very cosmopolitan, fashion-conscious city, under the influence of two very fashionable women: her mother and her grandmother. When Sonia and her sister were of age, they were sent to a school in Switzerland to finish their education.

Sonia has lived in many countries in South America. Fluent in both Spanish and English, she thinks in both languages and had a heavy British accent until she came to live in the United States for an extended period of time.

Sonia believes that living and visiting other countries fosters an open mind and greater receptivity to other cultures and ideas. Her love for fashion and travel were nurtured from an early age, when ideas regarding color and style made a notable impression. Her European sensibility, however, has always informed her choices and still do to this day.

Of her fashion tastes, Sonia writes on her website,

"I have noticed that at this time in my life I am embracing more color than I used to. A neutral pallet however is still the chicest thing around. I don’t wear many prints (I get bored easily) so I prefer to have solid colors and accent with accessories; you get so much more wear out of your clothes that way. I believe in family traditions and my sister and I have both saved family heirlooms which we wear to this day. I believe in great bags and shoes, tailoring and following trends in limited doses and only to the extent that they suit you."

Today, Sonia and her husband make their home in Montana. They have a daughter who is a stylist living in LA and who Sonia says "inspires me to stay young and explore new possibilities."

Apr 25, 2018

David C. Baker is a business consultant who has written 5 books, advised 900+ firms, and keynoted conferences in 30+ countries. His work has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, USA Today, BusinessWeek, and Inc. Magazine.

David lives in Nashville, TN, but grew up in Guatemala, where his parents did medical and literacy work. His family lived with the K'anjobal, a tribe of Mayans in San Miguel Acatán, Huehuetanango.

David helps entrepreneurial creatives make better business decisions about their positioning, their marketing, how they structure their roles in the firm, and how to benchmark their financial performance. His most recent book is called The Business of Expertise: How Entrepreneurial Experts Convert Insight to Impact + Wealth.

He also produces a podcast with Blair Enns at

Apr 18, 2018

Rocky Romanella is founder and senior partner of 3SIXTY Management Services, a management consulting firm specializing in executive speaking and leadership development. Rocky has the rare ability to see a clear vision of the changing business landscape combined with the passion to develop strategies, tactics and metrics to drive desired results.

In a corporate career that spanned almost 40 years, Rocky served as CEO for UniTek Global Services, a mid-cap telecommunications solutions company, and in several senior leadership roles at UPS, including President, Residential and Retail Operations.

At UPS for 36 years, Rocky successfully launched one of the largest re-branding initiatives in franchising history: The UPS Store, which revolutionized the $9 billion retail shipping and business services market. In addition to leading the global strategy of all U.S. and international retail channels, Rocky played a critical role in the integration of more than 20 acquisitions that became UPS Supply Chain Solutions to improve the company's financial performance, capabilities and global network footprint. With responsibilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America and South America, Rocky also led UPS’s entry into the healthcare industry as part of their supply chain logistics strategy.

Rocky serves on the board of Goodman Networks, a leading provider of end-to-end network infrastructure, field and professional services to the wireless telecommunications and satellite television industries.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Management from St. John’s University.

Apr 11, 2018

Sharon Sultan Cutler has been founding and running businesses for over 30 years.

While parenting, Sharon started down a new career path when she launched a nanny agency, based in Long-Island, New York. (This also provided her with excellent nannies for her two active sons!) She was featured in a five-page Newsday article for traveling around the USA and hosting Nanny Job Fairs to personally meet qualified caregivers. Eventually, the agency expanded to include a Nurse's Registry and Home Health Care.

Then, Sharon decided that people 50-plus needed reliable resources, products and services.  She began Mature Resources Network, similar to today's Angie's List and Home Adviser. Taking that to the next level, she created Long Island's first 50-Plus Expos, with over 100 exhibitors and thousands of guests. She was featured in many media articles including a May 14, 1995 Q & A feature in The New York Times titled Riding A Demographic Wave, Marketing to the Over 50's. Yes, she was one of the first in this field.

At 70, Sharon created and co-authored Bandstand Diaries, a book about the early days of American Bandstand published in November, 2016. Striking a nostalgic chord for people 65-plus, the book enjoys a cult following of baby boomers and seniors who remember running home from school to watch Dick Clark's daily dance program in glorious black-and-white television!

Currently, Sharon is writing Your NEW YOU After 65, a self-help and motivational book to be published in 2018. She styles herself "The Positive Aging Activist" as she enjoys her life's third chapter each and every day.

Apr 4, 2018

Steve Wilson is a 30-year veteran of the technology industry. He has held roles in digital strategy, web communications, product marketing, business development, and product-line management for international brands such as Walmart Inc., McDonald's Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, and Oracle Corporation.

Steve and his wife Rebecca, co-founder of Your Bag Tag, first met when they worked together at Oracle.

Steve and Rebecca started Your Bag Tag in 2006 after a friend came to Rebecca with an existing luggage tag and asked if she could develop a better one. From that first prototype, Steve believed the couple could market Rebecca's tags on the Internet. He developed a simple website and sales took off immediately. was born.

Since their humble beginnings, the Wilsons have added an entire line of scuba and active water sports products. Dive product ideas came from Steve, who is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor emeritus with over 2,000 dives behind him. Twelve hundred of those dives took place in the cold waters of Monterey Bay, California where he taught. The other 800+ dives occurred in many of the beautiful dive locations around the world.

The Wilsons provide custom tag solutions for dive shops, resorts, private and commercial aviation companies, and a broad range of other industries.

Mar 28, 2018

As a fashion stylist by trade at Lobler & Delaney for more than a decade, Sara Delaney found that styling the ladies of New York was getting in the way of really experiencing the city. She decided it was time to learn new stuff, grab adventure by the horns, and after a series of fashion journalism classes, her fashion and lifestyle blog was born.

Notes From a Stylist initially started as a place to share fashion finds, muse about style inspiration, and document Sara's exploits. But as family and everyday life marched on, dragging her past the dreaded 40-year mark (only to find that she didn't turn into a pumpkin and was still quite besotted with shoes and sequins!), the blog morphed into a resource for how to keep your fashion mojo on track.

Newly refurbished, Sara's blog is positioned to channel her fashion styling nous into a community where women can find anything from how to work the seasonal trends, to new interior finds, right through to quick and easy recipes.

Along the way, Sara has worked with world-class brands like The White Company, Designers Guild, Harrods, Barbour, Astley Clarke, and Liberty London, but she is always happy to collaborate with new brands that are the right fit for the blog.

In addition to her blogging work, Sara also consults on social media projects, helping people set up and run their digital presence online. Currently, she is working with leading facialist Lisa Franklin and advising the social media campaign for The Wild At Heart Foundation's major charitable event in June.

Sara was recently named in Fashion Monitor’s Top Influencers over 40 list and is quoted in The Times article: The Rise of the Midlife Instagrammers by Alex Gorton.

Mar 21, 2018

Suzanne Noble is a serial entrepreneur who started her first business - a series for England's Channel 4 television about astrology - at the age of 27. Stretching from Warner Bros to Universal via Sony and LazyTown Entertainment, Suzanne's PR career includes a collaboration with the White House, where she masterminded a partnership between LazyTown and Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' campaign for children.

On the technology front, Suzanne launched Frugl, a successful events discovery app for Londoners on a budget.

Most recently, Suzanne co-founded the online magazine, The Advantages of Age, to challenge the media narrative around ageing.

Suzanne has worked in PR for over 20 years, in entertainment, music and technology. She has amassed a fat address book of contacts, she has forged relationships with key influencers, and she has gained extensive experience in:

  • Creating and developing strategic partnerships
  • Leveraging PR to drive awareness and build businesses, and
  • Managing multi-channel brand communication.

One of her goals is to join a board of directors (whether corporate or non-profit) with which she can share her knowledge and experience.

Suzanne has lived most of her life in the UK and, as a result, has developed a deep understanding of the UK market. This has contributed to the success of both her client's success and her own start-ups.

Mar 14, 2018

Doug Sandler is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and podcaster who has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and leader. His book, Nice Guys Finish First, is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller. One leading social media marketing company ranks Doug among the top “100 of Social Media Thought Influencers to Follow.”

Doug specializes in making connections, building relationships and strengthening bonds both inside and outside organizations.  His speaking and consulting business is geared towards improving relationships and winning business through his time-tested sales, service and relationship building system.

Doug co-hosts a podcast with Strickland Bonner, The Nice Guys on Business.  The show has over 500 episodes and more than one million downloads.

As a maturepreneur, Doug is using his extensive experience to help businesses and brands grow their audiences with TurnKey Podcasting.  The concept-to-launch podcast production service is 100% customer-centric and specializes in over-the-top exemplary service with a high touch emphasis in this high tech space.

Mar 7, 2018

Olga Szakal, Founder of The Ageless Generation™, is an innovative women’s leader committed to helping Gen X women overcome their mid-life crises and leap into the success they deserve. Based on personal experience, Olga has created a blueprint for turning a mid-life crisis into a period of self-discovery. She teaches women how to design their best life so they can reclaim their voice, build their legacy and make a difference in the world.

Olga was born in Siberia, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English, history and social studies. With $400 in her pocket and a scholarship, she moved to the state of Washington in 1995, where she studied business and marketing.

After 17 years working in pharmaceutical sales and real estate and then going through a  divorce, Olga needed to start a new business and a new life for herself and her four children. As the lucky winner at Valuetainment, Olga was blessed to experience the invaluable mentorship of none other than Patrick Bet-David. She soon found herself putting the divorce behind her and focusing on her children and growing her business.

Olga knows from personal experience what midlife crisis is. She's lived it. She knows the effort it takes. And she's found a path to creating a life of appreciation, freedom, and fulfillment. Today, her mission is to share with others like her, the journey, the steps, the pitfalls and the exhilaration of succeeding. Every woman can do it!

Feb 28, 2018

Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC is a psychotherapist, certified sex coach sex educator, and creator of Come Back To Love, Inc®. She helps couples and individuals find love again by teaching them how to master the skills of intimacy and the art of living a life filled with love, no matter what.

In her practice, Robyn marries traditional psychological principles with spiritual tantric philosophy and practice. She teaches couples and individuals how to master the skills of intimacy and come back to love. Those that are struggling in relationship, feeling lost around love, and deeply craving purposeful and passionate connection gain much insight and healing in their work with Robyn.

For 15 years Robyn has been teaching and practicing tantra as a foundational meditation practice that grounds her clients from within, removes obstacles to loving deeply and teaches all aspects of healthy sustainable relationship.

Robyn facilitates a bi-monthly tantra workshop in the Boston area, leads weekend retreats and tantra vacations in tropical places. In 2015, she co-led a clinical course for therapists with Charlie Verge called Helping Couples Connect.

Robyn has recently been recognized by the Boston Globe as an expert in her field. She is author of the upcoming book, The Power of Puja: An Intimate Journey to the Heart.

Feb 21, 2018

Cathi Nelson fell in love with photography as the photo editor of her high school yearbook. She soon found herself working two jobs to save enough money to buy her first professional camera. From the day of that first purchase, Cathi became the photo historian of her family and friends.

Years later, after her adopted son was placed in her arms, Cathi developed a passion for creating life book photo albums that she used to tell his personal story and how he came to be part of their family. She soon found herself sharing this passion with others and ultimately she built a profitable business out of teaching others to create life book photo albums of their own.

By 2007, Cathi noticed a change as consumers shifted to digital photography; she found herself helping people not only with their printed photos, but with their growing digital collections as well. Recognizing that this problem was only going to accelerate, she founded the Association of Personal Photo Organizers; a community dedicated to serving the needs of its members through training, support, and collaboration with industry partners.

APPO has also played a key role in establishing a code of ethics that sets high standards for the rapidly growing life photo industry.

In addition to being the CEO of APPO, Cathi is a sought-after speaker and author of Photo Organizing Made Easy. She remains firmly rooted in her vision to empower others to use visual storytelling as a means of preserving and sharing their personal life journeys.

Feb 14, 2018

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, JJ Armstrong, founder of Transform2Alpha, has created a comprehensive life mastery blueprint with a military style edge.

JJ’s career began in the British Army where she was one of the few women who graduated from the Army School of Physical Training to train soldiers. She spent more than eight years in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps training men for combat fitness and performance. Her interest in the mental side of training grew as she progressed in her career. Her self-reliance and the ability to think on her feet led her to spend time serving in Special Forces.

Upon leaving the military, JJ started a fast-growing new trend: “personal training” in health clubs and gyms. The first person to offer this service in the UK, she was told by one of the biggest national health club chains, “It will never work!"

But trusting your instincts pays off! JJ pursued her dream and built a business that quickly grew to a team of personal trainers 64-members strong. Her company trained thousands of clients and members; everyone from celebrities to housewives throughout a number of gyms and health clubs. Many top athletes and professionals benefited from JJ’s unique brand of training.

JJ became interested in personal development from a young age through the Nightingale Conant catalogue of audio courses. She began studying hundreds of experts on everything from personal success to neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, mind control, sales, influence etc., adding to her library of tools. These studies led her to synthesize Pareto’s 80-20 principle, mind mapping, speed reading and advanced memory techniques into a unique brand of mental training. She discovered early on that she had the ability and the obsession to cut all “the fat away” and find the quickest, most efficient way to get the job done (INTJ style).

One of JJ's private clients used her techniques to secure a license to practice as a physician (medical doctor) and the other used them to secure a license to fly planes (pilot).

Always looking to evolve and have new experiences, JJ sold her business in her 30s to become an expat for the first time by studying in the U.S. It's an experience she has now had in three countries.

While in the U.S., JJ proceeded to get the type of perma-tan she’d always dreamed about while studying for her master’s degree at the prestigious United States Sports Academy. She used principles of accelerated learning to earn her degree in half the regular time, with a 4.0 GPA. She will also tell other maturepreneurs out there that it is “never too late” to become a student or expat!

After earning her degree, JJ took a position at the National Personal Training Institute in New York. She led a team of instructors that developed and certified personal trainers. JJ has also had extensive experience teaching new PTs how to train people of all ages to prevent injuries, including special populations with acute and chronic health considerations. JJ enjoyed her time teaching but felt that at her core she was an entrepreneur, not an employee.

Once back in London, JJ formulated her metabolic functional training system into a brand. This brand grew to include a team of trainers in several locations in London – Mill Hill, Camden and Regent‘s Park. The London Women’s Bootcamp became a successful enterprise in a crowded market, due to its personalized service and utmost efficiency. This was a concept that she would later turn into Powerfrau Bootcamp, a German version of the program.

After selling her boot camp training system in 2015, JJ decided to take a two-year break to reflect and spend time working on her ‘flagship’ training. During this time, she has been researching, traveling, and subsequently relocating to yet another city to prepare for the launch of her new project, Transform2Alpha.

Like a cross between a personal development program and military special ops training, Transform2Alpha sends you on a mission to uncover and morph into the idealized version of yourself. The concept stems from JJ's vision of a self-actualized version of you that exists as a guide whom you can communicate with as you apply scientifically based methods to transform your body, mind and life. Transform2Alpha is the culmination of 30+ years of experience and insights and delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Transform2Alpha also offers a “COMBAT AGING” version of the program specifically designed for those in midlife that seek strategies to protect against the accelerated aging effects of hormonal changes (namely, menopause or andropause for males).

JJ currently lives with her partner and their 17-year-old African Gray parrot in Vienna, Austria where she trains clients worldwide via live events and online coaching. Like many maturepreneurs, JJ realizes that we don’t have forever to become our full potential selves. Her full potential self, “Alpha self“, is the one giving others the best and most efficient tools to command their lives!

Feb 7, 2018

Jarie Bolander is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. He has over 20 years of experience in bringing to market innovative technology solutions, such as Bluetooth, USB, RFID and Semiconductor DNA sequencing. He is currently the co-founder and COO of Lab Sensor Solutions, a digital health company that applies sensor technology to tracking the temperature and location of clinical samples in order to prevent spoilage.

Jarie has formed or been part of six startups in various management roles. He holds an MBA in Technology Management from University of the Pacific and a BS in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University. He is also inventor or co-inventor on over 10 patents and has published four books — The Entrepreneur Ethos, Frustration Free Technical Management, #ENDURANCE tweet — A Little Nudge to Keep You Going, and Business Basics for Entrepreneurs.

You can read Jarie's thoughts on management and entrepreneurship via his blog, The Daily MBA or follow him on Twitter.

Jan 31, 2018

Barbara Findlay Schenck is a marketing strategist, small business success advocate and author of books and columns that help entrepreneurs and small business leaders plan, brand, market and, when they're ready, sell their businesses to new owners.

A graduate of Oregon State University, Barbara began her career in Honolulu, where she was admissions director and writing instructor at Hawaii Loa College (now part of Hawaii Pacific University). She spent seven years as an account executive at Hawaii's largest public relations firm before joining the Peace Corps to manage a community develop program in Malaysia with her husband, Peter.

Upon their return from Southeast Asia in 1980, Barbara and her husband moved to Oregon and launched a marketing agency that grew to one of the Northwest's Top 15 agencies, with a roster of nationally known brands, by the time they sold it in 1995.

Since selling her agency, Barbara has produced the following business success aids:

  • Author, Small Business Marketing Kit For Dummies
  • Co-Author, Business Plans Kit For Dummies
  • Co-Author, Branding for Dummies
  • Author, Selling Your Business for Dummies
  • Author, the BizBuySell Guide to Selling Your Small Business
  • Co-writer, Edgar Award-nominated memoir Portraits of Guilt
  • Lesson developer, Microsoft Small Business Relationship program
  • Marketing Specialist, presented by Visa and Microsoft
  • Columnist and marketing anchor, presented by Sprint and Microsoft
  • Contributor, American Express Open Forum and other business sites
  • Presenter, 10-hour creativeLIVE Powerful Business Planning online course

Today, Barbara is a nationally recognized marketing columnist and public speaker who thinks in headlines, talks in bulleted lists, and, according to BusinessWeek, addresses “real-world problems with real-world solutions.”

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